Saturday, November 19, 2011

Subzero Activities

It is -13 at my house...I am doing my best to stay inside where it is warm...time to start decorating for Christmas. I don't know how much actual decorating I will get done but I'm going to really enjoy revisiting all my handmade goodies that have been packed away since last January. First up...more bear stockings.

"Teddy Aloft"

Since I'm married to a pilot, this is the stocking pattern that started it all 18 years ago when I saw it in a quilt shop in it's kind of my husband's fault.

This little detachable bear was always traveling to other stockings when my boys were younger.

He has a little parachute...thankfully he has never needed to use it.

"Teddy Aboard"

Where there are planes...there are often trains. This little bear has a cute kerchief around his neck.

"Gingerbread Bear"

I had to have a stocking! The stove is paper pieced...isn't it to die for?  This little Mama bear has an apron with a...

matching hair bow! She snaps to the stocking so we don't loose her. I was a beginning quilter when I started these stockings and I learned so much with each one...I absolutely love them...they are my most precious "quilts."


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

It is not normally that cold at this time of year up there is it? I love winter but I don't think I would do well with it that cold - I would be inside too.

Unknown said...

-13?!!! Its hard to imagine when I am sitting in airconditioning with temps of about 35C!