Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Bucilla Felt Stockings - Start Stitching

It's time to start stitching. For this stocking, the first step is to stitch the snowflakes on the background. These are made with a simple straight stitch on the lines with sequins and beads added on the dots.

The sequins are secured with a clear bead. You come up the center of the sequin and the bead with the thread and then loop under the bead and then back down through the hole of the sequin. I'll work on getting a last attempt came out blurry. The next step is to make the holly leaves that go across the top of the stocking. You can see the green felt piece with the holly pieces.

Here are the holly leaves ready for embroidery. I've laid them on the stocking top. I have made the decision not to attach these leaves until the end...from experience I know my thread will get caught on them while I work on the rest of the stocking if I put them on now.

The third step is appliqueing Santa's hat which is stuffed with fiberfill. I usually stitch one side down and then grab a piece of fiberfill to enclose as I whip stitch. I had to add sequins before appliqueing the piece of Santa's hat.

Here's where I ended last night. My holly leaves are embroidered and stored for later attachment. Where there are three dots will be red sequins and beads to attach the leaves to the stocking top. Tonight's step will be embroidering Santa's face.


Suz J said...

All I can say is "WOW!" The only thing I have ever tried making from felt in a kit was little Xmas decorations (first one still unfinished maybe 15yrs later). How do you cut the pieces out so accurately??

scraphappy said...

Fabulous looking stockings. They look like so much fun to make. Best of lick getting them finished.

Cathy said...

Ok, with every little bit of this you show, the more I want to do these. I think I just might be in trouble. It would be fun to do one to suit the interest of each member of the family, maybe for next year.