Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dog Days

Doggy Update
Here's Jenny...she looks pretty happy...might be her medication. She hurt her hip somehow while I was gone all day at my Breakfast Club quilt gathering. I think she was a victim of slippery ice.  Breakup has started and all of our lovely snow has an icy cover as it melts.

And here's the devil dog...Tonka. Those glowing eyes are a little too appropriate. This week he has thrown-up a lot of disgusting things...on the carpet....despite the majority of my house being mostly tiled flooring! He has also developed a nasty habit of grabbing food from the kitchen counter-top when I am not in the room. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior would be appreciated. Right now the best I can do is to retrain myself!


Sand and Sunshine said...

The only tip I have is that instead of leaving food items on the counter you can leave them in the microwave. The last I checked our furry hooligans can't open those. Yet.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Best hopes for a quick recovery for Jenny's surgery too.