Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Doorway To...

I needed a distraction today. I made my first trip to a Paris beauty salon a couple of days ago and I'm not totally comfortable with the end result. It's very's also different and I don't do well with changes when it comes to my hair. The difference in languages did have something to do with it!

 Instead of dwelling on my hair...I took a walk...and I looked at my world. The first thing I noticed was how different every door is on my walk about the neighborhood. Here is a fraction of what I saw today. These doors are the common entrances for apartment buildings. There is a touchpad on the side where the residents input their codes for access.

Elegant and Simple

Fruit baskets flank the arched they represent pineapples are a symbol of welcome? I do see food baskets in the reliefs of building entrances fairly often.

Then I realized there were faces looking at me.

This god-like face was on the corners of a building.

Here's the first of two doors that were close to each other...I think they are sisters.

Nice to see the other sister has a little color.

And this corner amazed me because I walk by it every's on the end of our apartment building and I never noticed! It is so pretty!

There will be many more photos of doors to always wonders what is behind a door but sometimes one should look at the door and see what is around it.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you will get used to the hair I bet soon.
Lovely doors!

Gwen said...

My granddaughter spent some time in Paris during college. She was fascinated by the doors and took many pictures! There are some amazing doorways there and such a variety of styles. Thanks for sharingQ

delphinedlg said...

it's very funny to see the town with your eyes...
i'm living in the suburbe, and love walking in Paris (even if i can't do this often..)
thanks for sharing!