Friday, March 15, 2013

Ma Promenade á la Paris

French lessons yesterday and today...which means I don't get much else done. I did take a brisk walk in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. Here are a few pictures I took along the way...

I like to walk along a strip park, three blocks long with green fields that are tree lined. 

There is a lovely garden on one of the balconies...can't wait to see how it changes with the seasons. And of course there are all the trees that line the park strip that will be full of leaves someday!

I walked by this building 100 times before I noticed it was "different." I must remember to look around. Obviously it is a religious building nestled in among apartment buildings. No signs on it to indicate it's use.

I was thinking of getting photos of the different wooden doors I see...this one had a lot of everything going for it. I like all the different motifs in the borders...I lost count.

And one final wooden pretty. No more stopping for photos...this walk is meant for cardiovascular exercise too.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the wooden doors are all so pretty and unique, everything looks so different than it does here in the country of course I don't have much to compare Paris to as I have not been in big cities all that much.

Cathy said...

The age and the length of time things have been there is really apparent in those buildings. It is neat to see pictures of buildings and places that could be hundreds of years old, built on top of things that could be even older. Canada is such a young baby country in comparison. I think the oldest building we have in our city might go to the mid 1800's and that's it. I would love to go to Europe some day, just to see the history.

Jan Marie said...

These are so interesting. Did you figure out what the religious building is?