Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow Day...Again!

The corner of my world, rue Rosa Bonheur

It snowed all day yesterday. It didn't accumulate too much but today it is all icy! I am not going anywhere if I can help it...I have plenty of food, coffee, wine and toilet paper. Thankfully my husband left on Sunday before the snow hit for a trip to New York. The Paris airport was a huge mess yesterday. He is due to fly in tomorrow morning.

I can tell everyone is hunkered down in their apartments because it is so quiet. Our apartment is on the fourth floor, right above the front door and it's a heavy metal door that bangs shut whenever it is opened. There is also a motorcycle parking area there and some of those motorcycles have very loud in particular sounds like a chain saw...I hate it. There is no motorcycle noise today! And I didn't hear the front door bang close until almost  nine this morning.

I knew I was going to have several days to myself so I saved a newly released book on my Kindle to read. The author of the book tends to keep me up reading all night so I definitely couldn't read the book on a night before French lessons.

Sure enough...the night I started the book I was up until 4:30 a.m. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock. I think about 3 a.m. I was laughing out loud about one scene...I was so glad my husband was out of town so I didn't wake him up.

I finally finished the book last night at midnight...I started reading much earlier yesterday. I'm a little embarrassed about my favorite book...not "literature" but a nice steamy and entertaining medieval romance.

I've read several of Kathryn LeVeque's novels. They always contain two things: a knight who is huge, towering over every other man...and a woman who is very petite, beautiful and smart. But she needs a knight because it is medieval times...women have no reputable way to support themselves. I had a great, two-day escape into a fantasy world.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

well the book that kept me up last night was literature either (I admit I don't read it) it was a book by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts I love the series.
Glad you don't have to go out in the ice. Do you miss Alaska when you wake up to street noise?