Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last Day in London

Based on a recommendation in Rick Steves' travel book for London, we picked a walking tour between London Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. Our first stop on the walk was the Borough Market.

Lovely produce. 

Packed tight with people wanting to sample food. Paella samples...yummy!

Hubby got some raw oysters.

We split a bratwurst with extra mustard...more yum.

On with the walk. Right next door was Southwark Church...this place is dates back to 1207. Shakespeare's brother prayed here...there is a special colored window with scenes from Shakespearean plays and a monument to Shakespeare beneath it.

Then a glimpse of a wall from Winchester Palace erected in the 12th century.

By the way...this is what London Bridge looks like today...modern and functional.

We found out "busking," is basically street performing.

The blue skies disappeared and our nice little outing ended at the Millennium Bridge. This bridge was in one of the Harry Potter movies with death eaters flying around it and ultimately destroying it. It is a suspension bridge for pedestrians only and crosses the Thames right at St. Paul's Cathedral. 

We did pick up a few souvenirs. An olive tree cutting board and more Starbucks coffee mugs.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I haven't seen any special starbucks mugs those look great. Such a great walking tour that you shared with us, thanks - walking is the best way to see things isn't it.

Donna quilts said...

Great photos of your tour. Such amazing architecture in the old buildings - so much effort in the workmanship to make something beautiful. That cutting board is awesome - almost too beautiful to use.