Monday, December 16, 2013

Looking Like Christmas

Wow...Christmas is only a little over a week away! I really just don't have a concept of time when we are in Paris. Somehow I managed to get some decorations up today...after all...I do have several stockings that only get a short time in the limelight.

We have four very distinctly different fireplaces in our old-style Parisian apartment. I only have two mantels decorated..which means I have room for more stockings next Christmas.

I am on the fence about getting a Christmas tree but I think we will get one...maybe tomorrow. I am very spoiled having a husband with a Fed Ex shipping account...I definitely get my presents shipped at the last minute.

I really must get organized...HA! Isn't that how one always feels at Christmas? We did offer to bring both our sons to Paris to spend Christmas with us but they decided to wait for nicer weather and come this spring. I do miss having Christmas in is always so pretty with the snow and all the holiday lights.


Michelle said...

I love your stories and pictures. It's so interesting to hear about living in Paris vs Alaska. I've never visited either place. Thanks for posting.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

4 fireplaces - wow! are they all workable and do you use them - I mean is the weather cool enough? The mantels look so pretty - it must be very different kind of Christmas for the two of you without the kids nearby. I always wish our grandchildren were closer - it makes the holidays more festive I guess.

Christelle said...

I finally got my Chrismas shopping done yesterday with Christine, now I have to think about ..the food!
The house is full my odest daughter is coming back Friday and every body 'll be home for 2 weeks.
It was nice to see the London pictures!
did you see the Anthopology's shop window in London?
I almost wanted to text you when I saw the picture of the shop in New York on Minnick& Smpson's Blog: it's a brown bear made with spools ... sooo cute!
It's funny: one of your mantel looks like something very traditional of Alsace (the green one) not something I would expect in a Parisien flat, the stockings are amazing!

Donna quilts said...

Your mantels are looking so festive and lovely and those stockings are works of art - so much detail.

Cathie J said...

You have so many beautiful stockings. I have only made individual ones for my family. I do love all the different stockings that can be made.

Béa said...