Wednesday, April 16, 2014

...I Might Be A Redneck

For years Alaskans have waited for it to come...
The mega-store for hunters...
Cabela's had it's grand opening last weekend...
I was there.

One day, I'm at an exhibit in Paris of fine jewelry from Cartier.
The next day, my jaw is dropping down in awe as I look at all the displays on exhibit in Cabela's.

That's a real airplane in the store!

We picked up some ammo for in gun ammunition. There's something I never really expected to say! I am enrolled in a women's gun course in August. I decided it was time for me to learn how to shoot all the guns we have in our house. They don't really work as effectively as a club. I've always had big dogs to protect me but now I don't and I am too far away from the police to rely on a 911 call if a bear decides to visit me in an up-close and personal way.

I also wanted to share my pretty birthday present from my mother-in-law...yep...I had one those pesky birthdays...while we were in Madrid and I was not feeling so great. It was a nice treat when I got to Alaska and had this little package waiting for me...a little travel purse for my jewelry.

It opens up to a very smart storage setup on the inside. I like the leather piece with punched holes for earring storage. Thank you Mimi!

I have been trying to at least spend an hour or two in my sewing studio at night, after all the chores are done. I finished up the beards on three santas I cross stitched over the last month of traveling.

I gathered all the cross stitched ornaments I finished in the past year that now need to be backed with wool felt. 

One of these years I will be able to spend Christmas in our home in Alaska and have a huge tree on which I will be able to hang all my ornaments. I counted in my Needlework Journal how many cross stitch projects I have completed...say in the last 15 years. Any guesses? 123! Mostly ornaments but also a few small pictures.

I am on the last sanding and coating of polyurethane on the two large shelving units. I have really been trying to get those pieces done so they can be installed for a "built-in" look. Then the interior of the house is mostly to that wonderful "decorating" stage.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

whenever we travel we like to stop at a Cabella's and look around - they are a neat store - we always look at the camping stuff to see what is new and the cast iron pots ect. Neither of us have ever been into fishing as I like my fish already de-boned - I'm so lazy I just hate picking out bones - but one day we should start to fish for fun even if we toss them back in - if we were lucky enough to catch something - neither of us hunt - but the outdoor store is just fun to wander through. We have a small one that open last year about 2 hours from us near my mom's.
yes watch out for bears now that you don't have the dogs with you!

MooseStashQuilting said...

Is this Cabelas in Anchorage? It will be a must of our stopping list for sure if so! LOL!