Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Stitching

If I changed my blog to home improvement topics I would have a more regular blog posting schedule. This week I have been tackling re-caulking tile joints. Doesn't this corner look nice on my bathroom counter? It's getting out the bad caulk that is the time consuming part of the process.

The really sweet news is I have a bed to sleep on! The furniture saga is almost to an end. The bed frame was delivered last November...the day before I left for Paris and I was still in need of a new mattress set. Finally got that picked out and it was delivered yesterday. (Since getting back to Alaska I've been sleeping on a twin-sized mattress snatched from a bunk bed, thrown on my bedroom floor.) Love the new bed! In case you are wondering about the quilt it is, "Strip Churn," a Cozy Quilt design from the book, "More Strip Clubbing." It's one of my favorite quilts!  Very fast quilt pattern to put together.

I've also been busy reading this great new book that was just released...

...perfect timing for me as I work to design our landscaping. I think it is a great book! I won't get anything planted in the ground this year but I do hope to get started on my "hardscapes."

I did a little work last week with my hands that involved fabric and thread. I went to Breakfast Club on Thursday (more photos in a later post of was so awesome...can't wait to share it with you.) I started another Batiki Argyle quilt.

Finished another Santa cross stitch ornament.

And I pulled out a UFO to hand-quilt that has been hidden for four or more years.

I have made many of this designer's "Bear" stockings. (Jodi Warner of Hearthsewn patterns) I love her patterns...there is a little of everything in her designs...paper piecing, applique, patchwork and hand-quilting. It usually takes me just two hours to hand-quilt one of these so I'm not sure why it had to "age" in box for so many years! 

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts, where she hosts a Sunday gathering of hand-stitching show-and-tell. I'm so glad she hosts this has motivated me to work on this stocking.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't think anyone minds when we have our blogs being a combination of our interest in life - after all there really and truly is more to life than just quilting :)

Quilter Kathy said...

So nice to see what you are stitching these days! You have lovely projects on the go...enjoy!