Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quickie Quilt

At Breakfast Club I started the quilt pattern, "Perfect Ten," by sewing dark purple frames around several squares. When I got home and threw everything on the wall I hated the dark purple frames with my border fabric. I envisioned a green field with scattered flowers.

So I headed back to my stash for a green fabric to use as the frames and also took out the blue fabrics.

I'm very pleased with the sweet little finish. I think I have had these batiks for 10 years...waiting patiently in my stash to see some action.

60 x 72"

This quilt could easily be cut and sewn completely in a day.  Here's the pattern.

I was killing time while I waited for my batting to relax after removing it from the packaging. I will be using a wool batting for the first time on the next quilting design.

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Donna quilts said...

Lovely! I do see the field of flowers - reminds me of the fields with wild lupins in shades of pink and purples that I recently saw in New Brunswick while on holiday.