Monday, August 4, 2014

A Finish in Site

Yes...binding clips in site! This quilt took forever to quilt...on the frame four weeks...but the great news is no tension issues! My newest theory is my problems have something to do with the actual tension used on my bobbin winder. It will take a few more quilts to see if this is true but I tightened up my bobbin winder and had almost no trouble with the tension. I came up with this idea after reading several comments on a Yahoo Nolting Quilting group where many quilters stated they used pre-wound bobbins exclusively and never had tension issues. I think relying on pre-wound bobbins is one more step I just don't want to do!!! I already live too dependent on the mail for all my longarm supplies. Plus it is another added expense. FYI...I use Bottom Line exclusively in my bobbins for quilting on my Nolting which is a common thread for pre-wound bobbins.

I'll tell more about this quilt when I actually finish it but there are twelve sampler blocks...

connected with a chain-style block.

The quilting design for the sampler blocks from the backside.

 The quilt design for the chain blocks.

Here's a corner....with all the template work to make those circles!!! Love the look...but so tedious compared to cranking out a free-handed feather design.

It has been raining the past two days...but when the weather cooperates I will share a full's my favorite quilt to-date!

I completed the last Jim Shore  Santa ornament in the series of six. I saved the stocking Santa for last..because I do love Christmas stockings! This series of ornaments was a little more work than the Mill Hill Santas I love....more floss color changes.

I've got another challenging quilt planned for the frame next. I will be tackling "McTavishing," for the first time in my design.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks beautiful -- I remember the day when all I used for quilting tools was needle/thread/scissors and pins -- plus fabric of course

Cécile DENIS said...

So cute !! I love your quilting....I told to Santa Claus to bring me a long-arm but I'm not sure the chimney will be bigger ....snif !

kellsgal said...

Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing. So happy you are able to spend time on the long arm. :)

Cocopatch said...

beautiful quilting...