Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bags on the Brain

I've been spending a lot of time in downtown Anchorage this week with my jury duty stint. One of my favorite shops is just a block away from the courthouse. I couldn't resist buying this purse made in Homer, is perfect...check out the craftsmanship.

The front view.

A built-in wallet. I tried that out in my purse I took to Bali and loved it. 

Tons of zippered pockets.

And another large pocket on the back side with a hidden magnetic closure. Love!

Made by the Homer Tapestry Bag Company...she's got a Facebook page with beautiful wool felted bags. 

I had bags on the brain since last night was my second meeting for the mini professional bag class. I'm behind! I have all the straps top-stitched and the front pocket and bottom straps done. I have some homework to finish before the last class next week...we are all going to finish our bags then!

I'm starting to plan my "Paris Projects." I have two sets of Bali pops that have been aging so I have dug through my stash and pulled some fabrics that might work. My challenge will be to keep these projects lap-sized!!!!

I'm all ready to quilt this top but waiting for thread to arrive. Poor planning on my part. 


Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, I been following your blog for a while now and credit you with starting me off on the beautiful Bucilla stockings, I've made two now and watched all of your you-tube videos showing me how, so thank you for that, I just love them.

Don't you just love the batiks, the colours are amazing and the quilts come up terrific. Good luck with the two that you have planned.
Bye for now

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

finally had time to check in with you - sorry you got stuck with jury duty - but it looks like you are getting some shopping in. I use purses with built in wallets a lot and really like them. Love the Bali pops!

Suz J said...

Well, if you ever find your new handbag is a bit too big... I'd be quite happy to offer it a new home! It's gorgeous. And love those jelly rolls too - lots of designs whizzing in your head at the moment.