Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cottontail Quilts Shop

This quilt shop was my favorite...I would rename this Debbie's Special Place. It doesn't look like a batik lover's haven from the outside...

but lots of batiks in my earthy color range on the inside.

Just enjoy the pictures...

A great selection of quilting books...most were very new and ones I had not seen.

Oodles of patterns...also many by designers new to me.

Lots of printed cottons. This old house has several small rooms full of different fabrics. There were a few rooms I missed in getting photos. My phone was almost dead because this quilt shop was an unexpected visit. It is in Kennesaw and we were in the area to visit a Hobby Lobby when my friend remembered there was a quilt shop in glad we checked it out!

I really should take notes on these shop visits. I loved this quilt below but no is either the shop hop quilt or their Saturday Sampler. 

I bought the pattern for this quilt....sure wish they had a kit for it! This pattern is called Southern Hospitality by Deb Tucker...not familiar with her but I will be after I make her quilt pattern.

And I bought the pattern for this quilt...only five fabrics...perfect for busting a stash.

Here's my little stash...I know...I showed an amazing restraint in my three fabric and two pattern purchases...I was on the edge going crazy!

I now have a fabric stash in Atlanta as I left some of my fabric purchases on a closet shelf at my friend's house. She'll ship them to me in Alaska when I get back there this summer. No sense in dragging them to Paris when I know they go with fabrics in my Alaska stash.


LynCC said...

It's so fun to "watch" people visit quilt shops! The Atlanta area certainly has some enviable ones. :)

CecileD said...

Hi hi !! you make me laugh...I imagine you in the shop !
Hummm...when it will be my turn in April, I think I will do the same !!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I just love these kind of quilt shops in old houses that you wander room to room and each room has a different kind of fabric in it. We used to have on in Little Rock like that but then they expanded and probably shouldn't have because they went out of business within a year after getting a second long arm machine and had remodeled a garage connected to the house to do long arm business - should have just stuck to the fabric I think.

Donna quilts said...

You must have been thrilled to wander through the doors and find all the batiks! I'm so glad you shared lots of photos. I love looking at the samples and projects on display - they can be so inspiring.

Cocopatch said...

a beautiful shop!!!