Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tiny Stitches Quilt Shop Visit

Today is my first full day back in Paris...home sweet home. I had so much fun on my trip back to the U.S., but it sounds like I got out of there just in time. Snow and ice all along the east coast. It is pretty temperate in Paris.

I got to visit three more quilt shops in the Atlanta area before I left and the last three were fabulous!

Tiny Stitches is a gorgeous shop with wonderful large windows that bring in tons of great natural light. I did not do this shop justice with my photos...I was in fabric overload.

I bought this Tonga Sampler kit, Tonga Escape by Cozy Quilts. The sun was shining brightly behind it so it was tough to get a photo..but I loved everything about this design.

Part of the batiks section.

I wanted to buy a kit of this quilt too but it is the shop's Saturday Sampler so they didn't have it kitted up to buy in one package. I am always drawn to samplers.

And then this fun quilt really caught my eye, snowboarders! I should have written down the name of this pattern. Such an adorable line of fabrics.

This shop had such a great selection of fabrics that would appeal to a wide range of quilters...don't miss it if you are in the Atlanta area. The batiks were just a small part of the quilt shop's fabric know me...monovision when it comes to batik fabrics.

Here's what I bought...the Tonga Escape kit...see all those blue and brown batiks! Probably my favorite colorway. Two magazines for airplane travel and a set of 12 batik fat quarters in an autumn colorway...leftover from the shop's last Saturday pretty!

Here is  my purchase from Little Quilts. Two Jinny Beyer Batiks...they will make great backgrounds.

And my first quilt shop purchase of the trip at Red Hen Fabrics. They gave me the cat scissors as a gift! Three Robert Kaufman batiks to add to the stash. Their batiks were less expensive than all the other shops I visited in the Atlanta area.

Two more shops to share...later!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

cute cat scissors - it looks like you did well shopping in the states and picked up stuff at lower prices! glad you had fun and yes you escaped the bad weather worked out well for you

Cocopatch said...

you kill me!!! too much fabric in my eyes!!!! I love brown batiks!