Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Stuff on the Design Wall

I just couldn't get motivated to work on an UFO so I started a new of the kits I bought in Atlanta, "Tonga Escape." The pattern is set up to be a block of the month...instead I purchased it as a complete kit. The pattern has six sampler blocks that are made twice. I got all the blocks cut out today  but decided I should really sew some of these little pieces together before I put any more stuff on the design wall. 

I'm wondering if the person who put my kit together made a mistake...I have a lot of excess fabric for the blocks. There is another bundle of fabrics for the borders. I'm thrilled I have excess and not the other way around!

I finished another Bucilla stocking kit, "Football Santa." I just can't say it often enough with these kits...they are so gosh darn cute!!! That's why I am addicted to making them.

I've gotten great tips from other Bucilla enthusiasts on my Facebook page devoted to construction of these kits. I added a backing felt piece to all the leaves in this kit which was not the original design. I really like this idea that others gave me! I also backed the scarf on Frosty. It sure makes the felt piece much more sturdy that is hanging off the edge.  I almost passed up making the pompom too but so glad I made the extra effort.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good thing it was excess fabric and not too little that would have been bad! I am finding it hard to get motivated to finish work on several quilts that are close to being finished - I want to start something new :( I really need to get these almost done out of the way first.

Ramona said...

Your stocking is adorable! I love the pompom, too. And I agree... extra fabric is a bonus!