Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Pretty Day in Paris

Yesterday was spectacular. I couldn't cram enough into the day. There is something about brilliant sunlight that acts like an energy booster. I tried to spend as much of the day outside as possible.

I was waiting for the traffic light to change on my morning fitness walk when it dawned on me how pretty my view was at that moment.  This is one of four massive statue structures on the four corners of the Pont Alexandre III bridge which crosses the Seine. Construction of the bridge began in 1896 and ended in 1900. The bridge was constructed with the intent to strengthen France's ties with Russia which is why the French built a bridge in Paris honoring the Russian Tsar, Alexander the III.

A great view of Musée d'Orsay. The structure started out as a train station.

Then I had to wander to the Luxembourg Palace which always has beautiful flowers. 

These large flower beds flank the palace. The borders on the beds are the tiniest strips of boxwood shrubbery. I don't think I can replicate that in Alaska. I could smell the grape-like scent of the hyacinth bulbs...love the combination of the two purple tones.

Always... a doorway feature that catches my eyes...

Beautiful entry doors to apartments.

Since the weather forecast is so crummy for the rest of the week, I started a simple project I picked up in Atlanta. I bought a set of 48, 10-inch batik squares that were meant to be cut up for a stack-n-wackish look. I went with a very regimented two-inch strip cut as I went counter clock-wise around each block.

Here are my first eight blocks. The pattern I bought calls for setting them on point alternated with a navy mottled batik. I might have something in my stash in Alaska but it gives me something to do without resorting to a UFO!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful photos - I am blog browsing from the chicago airport - I've already walked as much as I want to and now I am plugged in for awhile to recharge my phone so got my computer out too - 2 more hours to go and back in Arkansas

carol fun said...

Paris is definitely a feast for the eyes, and so are those quilt blocks! Beautiful!