Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Paris Wanderings

I am still in the tourist mode. The weather has been spectacular so I can't stay in  my apartment all day.  Here are a few random photos from my walks.

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Kind of a mini arc de triomphe commissioned by Napoleon to commemorate military victories. It sits between the pyramid entrance to the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden. This is a primary location for hawkers of bottled water, mini Eiffel Tower trinkets and clipboard carrying teenagers trying to swindle unsuspecting tourists. It is annoying to walk through this space with all that shady activity and other tourists but it was worth it on a pretty day.

Here is Paris's city hall, Hotel de Ville.  It is another huge, gorgeous old building. I have to smile...I'm getting used to these wonderful "old" structures. It is a little hard to see but there is a large black sign in the center with a message of solidarity regarding Charlie Hebdo. Two French police officers patrol the very front. The perimeter was heavily manned by police officers. Amazing sculptures all around the building!!! Construction was started in 1533 with this main portion completed in  1628.  In 1835 two wings were added to house the growing city government. A fire gutted the structure in 1871 and reconstruction lasted from 1873 to 1892.

And not far away is the George Pompidou Center, a modern art museum. I toured the exhibits two years ago but without an audio guide...modern art can be hard to appreciate without a little help!

Walking in the sun is sew inspirational. I have several quilt design concepts in my head. I am hoping to remain diligent for a few hours a day to try and work on some of my concepts in EQ7. More walks will definitely be required.

In the meantime...looks like the only projects I will work on right now are this new stocking, "Princess."

And this cross stitch ornament.

I have been catching up my blog reading too...I missed quite a bit last week.


CecileD said...

You're a great tourist guide Debbie !!

Donna quilts said...

I have so enjoyed reading your recent posts with all the info and great photos of Paris!