Thursday, March 26, 2015

International Quilt Trip

I'm sew excited...I am going to the AQS Quilt Week in Paducah with my friends from France...which I have dubbed the French Contingent of Quilters (FCQ).  They have been planning this trip for some time and initially I thought I needed to stay in France until the end of April...but really...I don't need to stay. (It's amazing what a little sulking around the apartment did to spur my husband's initiative to send me on a trip...because as far as he was all his idea!)

We all meet in Atlanta where we will converge on our international hostess, my best friend, Sandy. It is a tight schedule of shopping, shopping....and more shopping. I absolutely cannot wait to go! I hope I also run into some of my U.S. quilting friends while I'm in Kentucky. The show is April 22-25. the meantime...I've started my shopping list.

I haven't sewn much in the last two days but here is where I ended up in my scrappy block project.

I have kept working away on my evening project, the princess stocking.

There are new stocking designs being released....this is why I never stop making these adorable. I love the new line of Nordic designs...just look at this one!!!

Love it!

Back to "working" on my shopping list.


CecileD said...

Oh yesss ! I think my little poor credit card is going to work a lot during this week !! :))))

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

lucky you! I really do not know if I am going -I had thought about it but never made any reservations and then with just having taken a trip I really shouldn't take another so soon - hubby is feeling neglected from the long trip I just got back from and I think the credit card needs a rest also.

carol fun said...

Oh you are going to have such a good time!! I haven't been for a couple of years but have seen the show about 10 times in my life. I'm sure that a stop at Hancock's of Paducah will be on the agenda... bring lots of money! LOL Also if you get a chance there is a great restaurant called Aunt Patti's/ Uncle Bill's - porkchops to die for and pie that is about 10" tall.. I kid you not! Call for a reservation. It is a bit out of Paducah but worth it. It is 2 restaurants but they are together... hard to explain... 2 different entrances & dining room. Sometimes it is easier to get a reservation on the Uncle Bill's side.

I wanted to go this year, but that is the same weekend as my son's wedding. Next year for sure I'll be there!

Donna quilts said...

You're so lucky! I hope that you all have a marvelous time! I have never been but I can imagine that it is so inspiring.

Cocopatch said...

Yes! FCQ !! love it!!! I am so happy and excited, like a little girl!

Christelle said...

Aren't we leaving the 24?
We did only 12 km today.... Less than last time... We have to make up for it Monday but I really enjoy to have so much company for lunch :)

Sheila D said...

Hi Debbie! Bryan mentioned to me you did embroidery but I had no idea you were a quilter too! I used to quilt myself - just log cabin and trip around the world. I made a few but then couldn't do it anymore due to life circumstances. However, my dear friend is a quilter and we used to visit the quilt museum in Lowell, MA (been there twice) and she has mentioned meeting me in KY to go to a museum there. Anyway, love your work and looking forward to meeting you in Paris soon! Sheila

kellsgal said...

Hope we get to see you in Paducah. Send me a text. I will PM you my number if you don't have it. I'm so looking forward to it too. Hugs Melody