Sunday, May 31, 2015

Many Projects

Our growing season is intense but short so the past week was all about getting all the planting done. Planters in the front of the house...check.

Planters on the the deck...all nine of them...check.

Visitors showing up regularly...a bull moose.

And a cow with her two babies running through my neighbor's yard.


I finished my top from Breakfast Club.

Roughly 55" x 74".
 I got the center completely pieced and diamonds top stitched while at Breakfast Club which lasts for five hours. But during that 5-hours, I also ate breakfast and lunch, shopped, did a test run on Bernina's latest longarm machine and spent time on show and tell. In other's a quick project!

I had two River Rock Bali Crackers that I used to pull the square colors I wanted. It is always a challenge for me to do these random placement quilts but I went into this expecting to create a simple lap quilt to have on hand as a gift...or to use in my looks great in my living room on my gray leather couch.

Our method for the top was the 10-minute block which you can google for a Youtube video. Our trick we discovered at Breakfast club was to press all the seams open for the center section blocks...otherwise there is quite a stack of fabric in the center of each diamond which might be a challenge when quilting. I'm very glad we figured this out in the first block we made. 

I created my borders at home...I wanted to bring more of the dark gray diamond fabric into the quilt which is why I added the two gray borders. One of the ladies was planing to embroider designs on the diamonds...hope she has time to get to that this summer.


Ramona said...

Your quilt is sooo much prettier then the quilts in the demonstration on how to make these. After seeing yours, I'd like to try this method. I love your border... it really pulls the whole top together. Beautiful!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the quilt and love the photos of the moose and young running through the yard - I guess you all much have to look before you go into the yards especially at this time of year - and if I person has small children be with them at all times?

Donna quilts said...

I have to agree with Ramona - your quilt is so beautiful compared to the quilts in the demo. The demo didn't inspire me at all - but now that I see your quilt.....

Sally said...

I am continually inspired by your quilts. Thank you so much for posting....The greys and blues in this current quilt are so relaxing.

carol fun said...

WOW... LOVE your quilt! Those batiks are perfect and your border really kicks it up a notch... very nice. I'm thinking this would be a great quilt gift idea for my newlyweds... they like batiks and I may have a few tucked into my stash... or perhaps a shopping trip is in order... that sounds like fun too! happy stitching!

Lara B. said...

Wow that quilt really must go together quickly... even without doing all those other things at Breakfast Club. It sounds like a fun event Debbie! Love how your quilt looks and the way the batiks bring nature to mind.
And speaking of nature... Mooses (Meese? LOL) in the yard. Wow wee Alaska is amazing! My brother lives in Fairbanks.
So glad that Ramona nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award!