Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweet...My Real Sewing Room

I am a happy camper...back home where I have a huge design wall. I finally got my head cleared enough with all my recent quilty purchases and moved into quilting action. These little log-cabinish blocks came in my suitcase back to Alaska and I bought the navy batik fabric while at the Paducah quilt show. 

It took a bit of time to trim the squares, cut the navy fabric and calculate the dimensions for the setting triangles and corner triangles. Seeing everything up on the design wall reminded me of how much I liked the quilt sample at the Atlanta shop where I picked up the 10" squares for the project...way back in February. Now to actually start sewing.

I also brought home all the cross stitch ornaments I made during my past "Paris Season." I didn't have the green wool felt in my Paris stash that I like to use as a backing to these ornaments. It doesn't take long at all to tack the ornaments to the's that getting started part that takes the longest.

Pecking away on more cross stitch ornaments. The German Santa nutcracker on the right is almost done. There is one more ornament in this series and I will wait until all three are pretty much done to add a few beads, mustaches and accessories.

  I have also pulled out a Bucilla ornament kit I started in Paris and had hiding in my suitcase. Time to get working on it too. (My suitcase was a lot like Mary Poppin's carpet bag...a bit surprising what popped out of it!)

We invested in a mosquito magnet...I'll let you know how it works. 

Moved the flowers out into some direct sunlight...time to do that for a week or so...because it's almost time to let them stay in their summer spots. Memorial Day is our traditional day to call it safe.

I have spent all of today inside...time for that to change. As soon as I finish blogging I'm putting on some sunscreen and dragging a lawn chair onto the deck.

Early this morning I drove my husband to the airport...he was very unhappy to leave Alaska for Paris. We will see each other next in mid-June for a family reunion in Texas. I tried to fix his favorite American meals this last week before he left...grilled lamb chops, lasagna, enchiladas and barbecued chicken with potato salad...oh...and chocolate chip cookies. Lots of leftovers for one person!!! Less time cooking means more time for quilting.


Ramona said...

Wow! What fun to see all of your projects! I love your quilt... the colors are just beautiful. Your cross stitched ornaments are gorgeous, too, and will look wonderful on your tree. I love, love, love your Santa ornaments. Are they are recent purchase? I'm going to have to look for the kit!
With a view like that, I wouldn't move from your deck.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry your husband had to go back to Paris - bet you are ready to be back to living full time in Alaska - I think Paris would be fun for a little bit to see all the wonderful sites and museums - a bit different to walk on sidewalks to the cafe's etc - but to have a deck with a lawn chair - flowers and mountains in the back drop and moose walking across the yard - silence of nature - well now that sounds like heaven to me :)

Donna quilts said...

You certainly have lots of fun projects to keep you busy! Those log cabin blocks just "pop out" against the navy batik background - good choice.
Once I was out on your deck with the beautiful view, I'd have a really hard time going back into the house!