Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Alaska Life

I am getting back to my Alaska routine. On Mother's Day my husband flew me to Talkeetna for breakfast. I had to get up early...which definitely doesn't fit with my idea of how Mother's Day should start but it was a beautiful day to take a little flying trip. Next time I will ask for lunch instead!

The big secret about Alaska is MAY is the month to be here. Lots of sunny days with temperatures right around 60 degrees.

Mountain view from our deck.

I have my deck planters hardening off...a process that helps ease them into the cooler temperatures after growing in a greenhouse and long days of sunlight. I cover them every night with the large plastic sheeting sitting behind the planters. I do that for at least two weeks.

The only needlework I have done for the past month is working on cross stitch ornaments. I have started a series of international nutcracker santas. I finished the first set...

Italian, Polish and Scottish Nutcracker Santas

and started the second set.

German and Irish Nutcracker Santa

I have been washing all my new fabric...I went a bit crazy with online orders in addition to my Paducah trip. I am anxious to get sewing and working with my midarm but too pretty to spend time inside. 

The critters have been showing up regularly in our yard. No bears yet but I know they are awake and wandering around.

The "quiet" is my favorite part of being stomping footsteps from the upstairs drunks yelling outside our window in the middle of the night...just lots of silence. 


Donna quilts said...

I was glad to read your blog post and see that you arrived home safely after your "globe trotting". No doubt, the quiet must feel a welcome change as you settle back into life in Alaska. Your international Santas are lovely - so much detail.

kellsgal said...

Happy to hear you are home. Sounds blissful.

CecileD said...

Welcome back in Alaska !!