Wednesday, June 24, 2015

House Projects...Never Ending

Not much to report on the quilting or needlework projects are dominating my schedule. My husband will be home for the month of July so I'm on a big push to get some furniture refinishing  done. My work area is our garage...right next to my husband's truck. I can't have him driving in and our while tackling staining and painting on the polyurethane layers.

A few before shots.
Drawers for two night stands. They were in great shape but I had to strip them to stain to a darker color. They are finally stripped to the bare wood in this photo.

I had new night stand bases made for the drawers. Sanded...ready for staining. The original pieces were made from laminate and were sagging. The new night stands have a four-inch base added to accommodate the higher profile beds currently in fashion.

There is also a dresser...the drawers were stripped and the first coat of stain has been applied.

And here's the new  dresser. The original set was my bedroom set when I was a teenager. My parents bought it at Montgomery Wards. (You might have to be a certain age to know the store Montgomery Wards.) I remember getting this furniture when it was brand new. I can't believe I still have it...obviously it wasn't made in China! (This furniture has been with me for 40 years...oh my!)

I hope I have some great "after" pictures soon. A very tedious project. I'd rather be quilting.

The weather continues to be amazing. My flowers are bursting forth. A Lobelia basket with Nemesia I added.

One of three biggie-sized planters on the front side of our house. I was hoping to successfully winter over some perennials in these planters and add annuals for color. The Bleeding Hearts survived last winter. I'm trying some Day Lilies this year.

One of nine planters on my deck. I love them! They will be taking over the deck by September at the rate they are growing. I think we are at 21 hours of sunlight right now. Extreme sunlight does amazing things!!!

No major critter sightings lately though I did heard bit of gun fire two nights ago...I'm sure it was bear related. Hopefully just trying to scare one away. 

There was one big shake up today... an earthquake that was 5.8. This one lasted several seconds...many of us thought it might develop into the "big one." There was such a rumble leading into it, I thought perhaps a large jetliner was about to crash into the mountain side. We are too far away from railroad tracks or a street with semi trucks...the accompanying noise was quite impressive. But when you think about the granite mountains that surround  me that were shaking...that would have to make some amazing noise!


CecileD said...

Hello Debbie !
It's the same for us in our house...lots of projects which never end !
Lovely flowers....I hope there won't be another earthquake....brrrrr !!
Fingers crossed !

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad your earth quake didn't do much, it sounds like no damage. My bedroom set has lasted almost our entire married life but it is about ready to fall apart now so I'm searching for new stuff, it has all been resurfaced once already and I'd rather not deal with stain and all any more. Flower basket is beautiful!