Friday, June 26, 2015

Too Busy!

Yesterday was the third Thursday of the month and I completely forgot about the "Breakfast Club" gathering. ARGH!!! My favorite day of the month...gone. I certainly wasn't sitting around eating chocolate all day. It was a very productive day so at least I feel good about that aspect.

The number one project right now is to finish up my furniture refinishing projects. My husband gets home on Tuesday and he might want to drive his vehicle...that big red truck that is really cramping my work space.

This isn't our first can never have a big enough garage. We built a four-car garage in our new home for just two vehicles...well there are a few other "vehicles"...four-wheeler, motorcycle and an assortment of airplane parts. Like I said...even the four-car garage isn't big enough sometimes. 

Back to the positive news...the first coat of varnish is on all the pieces. I just plan on two coats so tomorrow I hope to sand everything and add the final coat of varnish. A few days to "set" before moving would be very nice to have. 

I have also been spending lots of time shopping on the internet. My most recent home purchase came amazingly quick. A floor lamp with three arms. It required some assembly but all those years spent playing with Legos has paid off! 

I ordered this light from This is my second purchase from them. The first is the round black table in the photo above. I love that table and I cannot believe how perfect this light is!!! Each socket will house a 100 watt light bulb...300 watts of illumination....perfect for my hand-sewing  projects this winter. Each arm and light is wonderfully adaptive to repositioning to include the angle of the shades.

It is always a huge relieve when something you have ordered over the internet is just what you want and a great bonus when it is even better than you expected!

One more recent addition to the house...a narrow table for my narrow entryway. I had this made by my handyman. (No...not talking about my husband!) I discovered a wonderful handyman right after moving into our unfinished house that I had to finish while my husband was in Paris. He is almost part of the family! Did you ever watch the sitcom "Murphy Brown?" Remember the house painter character Eldin? It's kind of like that...our list of projects seems to be never-ending.

I am determined to actually get a quilt started on my midarm. I had hoped to finish quilting this before attending June's Breakfast Club....I think my forgetfulness about the sewing gathering was subconsciously connected to my failure to meet my self-imposed deadline.

The hardest part of quilting on my midarm is coming up with a plan. Winging it doesn't work when ripping out is beyond torture.  My best tools...plexiglass and a dry erase marker.

I like to draw the whole design out with a tissue paper layover on a photo or drawing of the quilt. I don't want any surprises about secondary designs that could develop.

Only one casualty from the 5.8 earthquake...a row fell off my design wall.

And finally...another project I am working on...getting a puppy. I have a Gordon Setter on reserve in Wisconsin. She is one of 10 puppies born on May 24th.

Always good to end on a very happy note.


carol fun said...

Your quilting is divine on that quilt! Oh I had to laugh as my friends refer to my handyman as Eldin...he does so many things around my house... plumbing electrical carpentry painting... don't know what I do without him and I haven't run out of projects in 2 years. Love the lamp...I ordered something similar from Target... 3 100 watt bulbs... there is no such thing as too much light for hand work! And on a final note...a PUPPPY!!!!!! insert squeal and happy claps...such fun! happy stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I wish I had that kind of a handy man! guess you are not going back to Paris if you are getting a Puppy and a long distance to get it too! what a wonderful looking house you have that you show - love all those windows.

Calicojoan said...

Wow, I love your ideas on drawing out your quilting on plexiglass. And by the way...what a perfect design. So much work refinishing furniture. Your a better woman than I am! LOL!! All that work should definatly pay off with a new puppy. After all it's so well deserved!

Lynette said...

Awww - look at the babies~! :D And I see you're all moved in the time that I've been away from my blog life. Looks like a wonderful new home.

CecileD said...

The puppies are so funny ! Your quilting is so clever !
I'm so impatient to admire the top done !

Donna quilts said...

Those puppies are adorable!! You'll have so much fun with a new puppy - it could cut into your quilting time!