Monday, February 22, 2016


Someone is ready for playtime. As soon as I post this we are heading out for a icy one.

We just got back from a long weekend in...Las Vegas!

 Here we are at Guy Fieri's restaurant, Vegas Kitchen and Bar with their signature Bloody Marys. A nice little salad in each one! My husband and I are on the right. Our friends are from Houston and we decided we might have to make this an annual event. A pretty easy place for us to meet up for a weekend.

We saw two shows, Penn and Teller's magic show and the stand up routines of Ray Romano and David Spade. Both shows were excellent...highly recommend. I finished my gambling $20 ahead.

My son, Zack, watched the puppy. When we got home last night he had this little machine waiting for me. The machine belonged to an airplane mechanic my son worked with who recently died. I'm so glad he checked with me before he took it to the dump. Needs a bit of TLC. No sign of the metal case. Since my friend. Christelle, has two of these "grasshoppers," I knew just what it was!

A lot going on this week. My car is finally fixed. I'm picking it up this afternoon and driving straight to the tire shop to purchase studded tires. We got even more ice while we were away in Vegas. 

I am so close to finishing this quilt. I had to rip out a little bit...which of course took several hours. I need a camera on the underside of my quilt so I can simultaneously look at my tension...I just get going and don't notice the little signs from the front side that mean bad stuff is happening underneath. I'm thrilled with the design I came up with and want it to be right!!!

And I really want to finish the mystery top from last month's Breakfast Club because this Thursday is the February meeting. I like having a deadline.


mary said...

I can't believe how big your little pup has gotten!
Lovely quilts you are working on.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you had a fun weekend and that machine looks great. the dog has grown a lot!! how long will you have snow/ice on the roads that studded tires will come in handy? I know you have cold a lot longer then we do - snow in the northern part of our state tomorrow night but sounds like just rain here and then back to the 60's by the weekend.

carol fun said...

You are doing well for yourself on several fronts... what a cute little sewing machine. I love the vintage ones. The quilt on the long arm looks beautiful and the bright one you are trying to finish makes me smile. That is a cool block. And you got out of Vegas on the plus side... that is a good trip. Have fun with your adorable doggie!

CecileD said...

I'm glad to see Kinley in your home !!
Lovely pic of you and your husband .... The quilts are beautiful and I hope you will have a great quilters meeting Thursday !

Christelle said...

Fun to see you in Vegas we slept at the Paris Hotel It was fun!...even with kids around
I'm paking for Madrid but your machine is bothering me.... I think it's the Grasshoper big sister my grand mother have this one it works like a charm.
JL got assign in Villacoublay it's in Paris outskirt closer from home but not what we asked for >:

Cocopatch said...

I like your quilting!! I am testing quilting on my domestic machine...