Thursday, February 4, 2016

Design Wall Thursday

Fine tuning a new design...I'm liking it.

Finally....I have figured out a quilting design for a top I've been wanting to quilt for several months. Now the tedious process of marking the design with a blue water soluble marker and chalk pencil. This photo shows what I marked on my plexiglass board.

Kinley is home! She is painfully thin...had almost stopped eating at the trainer's kennel so it was time to get her home and just continue her training with visits. She has been eating wonderfully since getting home. She got right back into her little routine.  

Picked up a rental car on Tuesday. My sweet car is going to be in the shop for at least two more weeks. We woke up to rain...grrrrrrr. That means all the roads will be nice and icy again. I stayed home. Plenty of quilting projects to keep me busy and I finally have Kinley to talk to all day. I stocked up on groceries a few days ago when I saw the forecast so I'm a happy to stay home. I put ice cleats on my boots to take Kinley for her walk this morning...she has built in four-wheel drive so no problem for her on the ice.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good to have the ice cleats! I have something like that for my boots but only need to use them once or twice a year here - too bad about the car! so sorry your poor puppy missed you so much she wasn't eating - yes she does look thin from the last photo I remember you posted. I bet you always stay a little stocked up on groceries for the bad winters you normally have.
Nice quilt design!

Dawn said...

I just love how you mark your board over the quilt to see how the design looks. Dont envy you drawing all those lines in, but it will be worth it in the end. Glad Kinley is home now, hope she learnt a bit.

CecileD said...

I'm glad Kinley is back home but poor little puppy....I think she was very sad her Mom ! With kisses and good feeding she is going to gain weight quickly !
Beautiful quilting Debbie !
Take care with the ice on the road ...!
Hugs !

Sally said...

Glad to hear Kinley is home and already getting back to normal. And that quilting design! Oh, my goodness, you are so talented...I've never had the nerve to try to quilt my own - always send them out for quilting. Stay safe!!!

Cocopatch said...

Kinley at home, yes! You must be happy too! I love you stars blue-white-red...