Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Warming Up

I've got my Fun Quilter, "Marta" warming up for about 20 minutes...enough time to write a post.

Wish me luck on my quilting...may the tension Goddess be watching over me!

I got the directions to the mystery quilt from Breakfast Club. 

Not a mystery to me anymore! Love how this one is coming together.

I am trying to get back on task with my Bucilla kit projects. Just finished all the little candies that decorate this house. I'm doing some quilting around all the windows and house features.

And I pulled out this stocking kit a few days ago that I was working on in Paris before our move home. I finished up the girl and now have to turn the boy and girl into puppets. Adorable.

I'm so excited to get quilting on "Marta."


Ramona said...

I have the gingerbread house in my pile of kits to,make. Yours is adorable. Good luck with your quilting!

Dawn said...

Instead of saying..'break a leg', I will say 'break a needle' in the hope that all your tensions work out correctly. Love the Bucilla's as usual.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the quilt on your frame - have fun and hope no tension issues

CecileD said...

Good luck with your quilting ! It's going to be gorgeous as usual !

Joe and Janet said...

Have you done or looked at the Rose Tree by Bucilla (Stockings, ornament, and skirt) Just wondered on the diffuclty of making the roses. You do beautiful work.