Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hunter's Seaholly Star

It is always a good feeling to take a quilt off the frame. 

My challenge with this quilt was to use time saving techniques on a longarm that Angela Waters shared in her class this past summer. as little marking as possible. I was definitely doing some extreme marking.

I had intended to use one variegated thread throughout but the need to use a light and a dark thread screamed at me pretty early in the quilting so I switched to using two threads...that led to a lot more stopping and starting than I had planned. It is a start to speeding up my quilting process.

Half of my studio lights are turned off for the next two pictures to show more shadowing on the quilting. No sunshine in the forecast for natural lighting pictures.

Months...possibly years ago...I was inspired by the quilting done by Michelle at mmm Quilts when she did a Hunters Star design quilted in a mock wedding ring look. It really stuck with me so almost from day one in making this quilt I had a good idea what my quilting would have rings.

If you check out the link to Michelle's blog you will get the added bonus of seeing her quilting on a client's quilt done in my pattern Batiki Argyle. Love that rich purple background. Yummy.

I've been trying to stay consistently working on my Bucilla projects in the evening. As Christmas draws nearer my readership on my Facebook page increases with questions on making these kits. 

I started this kit, Santa Delivers the Mail, on August 15th and predicted it would take me two weeks to finish it. Got it done on  August 29th.  I just worked on it in the evenings, one to three hours a night. Technically...I guess it isn't done...still need to make it a stocking but I tend to add the stocking backs in mid-October, doing all the kits I have made since last Christmas. 

I've made four stocking tops since last Christmas and three ornament sets. My personal goal is ten Bucilla kits a year. Three more to go. I think I can do it! 


CecileD said...

You realized a wonderful quilting Debbie !
Congratulations !! :)

Donna quilts said...

Your hunter's sea holly star quilt is beautiful! You did some beautiful quilting and I think that the mock wedding ring quilting design is perfect for it. Those stars really pop! Sea holly is one of my favourite Hoffman batik collections - just love the colours.

Sally said...

You've inspired me to work on my ever-growing bunch of Bucilla kits...I went into the bin, pulled everything out, made a list of everything I had, and then started with the oldest one I could find (1985!) and am now working, slowly, on getting at least one stocking done before the holidays. Unfortunately, I also went online and found several that I couldn't live without and ordered 3 of the numbers are still going up instead of down. But I now have a plan...that's the important thing, right? I love that Hunter's Star fact, I have a foundation set that needs making...might have to start that after the stocking kit...You're always such an inspiration!!!