Sunday, September 3, 2017

Landscaping Updates

September is finally here! May and September are my two favorite months in Alaska. Our weather is usually pretty nice and I find those two months are my most productive.

I had whittled away my last pile of fractured granite rock so it was time to get another load. Only 48,000 pounds in this pile! It needs to be gone by the time snow arrives which is do-able if the weather cooperates.

I am still working on getting rock around the slope of our parking pad. I had a tricky area under the metal grates for the pole barn..



A different angle...before...


I lovingly refer to this landscaping work as my rock gym. Lots of rolling and propping stones on a furniture dolly to get it where I need it. 

I am also working on an area in the front of my house...a gravel walk way that needs to go around the side of the house.  This is where I was when I ran out stones.

And a little progress on getting to the side of the house. 

The black plastic has been in place for months to kill the grass in this area. More rock and a shrubbery bed  planned for this general area.

Poor Eli got his first bath this morning. He had a messy bottom. We have a glass enclosed shower that he was trapped in while I cleaned him. He wasn't thrilled but it went better than expected. No scratches or bites.

He does look a little miffed but I think he was ultimately glad to be clean. He looks incredibly scrawny without his fluffy fur. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

A good workout huh - I always find outside work to top a workout at the fitness center any day

CecileD said...

Ouch !! What a hudge workout...congratulations !
Poor Ely...he looks a little bit offended !! ah ah !

Donna quilts said...

Being a cat owner, I know that Eli wouldn't have been impressed with his bath! It is always amazing how scrawny they look when wet. I hope the weather cooperates so that you can complete your outside projects.

Sally said...

Poor ELi...he looks pitiful when wet! I love the landscape progress.