Monday, September 11, 2017

Changing Quilts for Autumn

Always fun to change the decor up a bit. "Henrietta Whiskers," above my treadle machine, was the easiest existing curtain rod for hanging was staying in place. This is an Anne Sutton pattern that was a free block of the month on her blog many years ago. It was very different from my usual tastes but I did it in batiks with wool applique and made it mine. All the materials were from my stash. 

Next, was my entry way. I took down the curtain rod  I was using and did cabinet knobs along the top edge of my wall. The advantage is the quilt hangs flush against the wall.

Here's a better look at the knobs I used to hang the quilt. This is a very fun and quick strip pattern called, "Strip Lash."

Last spring I put knobs all along three sides of my breakfast nook. At Christmas I added the knobs above my windows to hang garland and stockings which gave me the idea to do all three walls and hang a quilt on one side.

My husband says this quilt is one of his favorites because of all the different textures. Tough to get a good photo on a gloomy day. The pattern is, "Perfect Ten," which uses 10 fat quarters.

And this is our mud room off the garage entry. This is another easy quilt called, "Irish Mist." Got it as a kit at the Houston quilt show several years ago. This quilt hides lots of ugly things; two circuit breaker panels and a series of wall mounted units like a router and cable TV box.

The gloomy weather continues so I am hoping to get the quilts changed in my master bedroom and add some knobs in other spaces for more quilts. 


Ramona said...

Your quilts look great! Love the Irish Mist design. How do you attach the cabinet knobs? What a great idea! I use curtain rods, too, but like the knob idea more.

carol fun said...

Beautiful quilts! and I love the knob idea... very clever. This might work well in my back entry...thanks for the inspiration!

CecileD said...

Perfect Fall decoration with awesome quilts Debbie !
Congrats !

Donna quilts said...

Beautiful quilts! What a brilliant idea to put knobs in the wall for hanging a quilt. I like the effect and the quilts would definitely hang better.

Lynette said...

I really love how you have your quilts hanging, Debbie. What a fantastic idea, putting all those knobs up like that!