Saturday, May 19, 2018

I'd Rather Be Outside

We are having the gloomiest May weather. 
Thank goodness I am a quilter and have plenty of projects in my studio to keep me busy.

I have been working on more Row X Row kits. I didn't like the fish row when I put it up on my design wall. Good thing I hadn't heat fused appliques...

I did swap the position of the row once I toned down the background pieces behind the fish. I liked the kit on the wall in the store but in my sewing room it looked so wild. Just went with blue batiks to create the motion of the water and the bubbles. The Eskimo ladies need some ric rac on their parkas but I have to make a trip to the store to get that.

These three kits below are all from the Kenai Fabric Store. They were designed by Dana Michelle. I hope she does their designs for a few more seasons so I can get a nice grouping of her work. My only reservation is the tiny pieces of silhouetted shapes. Impossible to stitch down but I will just use them as a guide for decorative stitching...that is my plan anyway! 

Next big project is getting ready for Breakfast Club this upcoming Thursday. I need to cut out my pieces. The solid color batiks will be the little triangles with just two fabrics alternating in the large jewel shapes. I am pulling from my stash. No new fabric. I'm very proud of myself. We'll see how long I can hold out on buying new fabric. 

In the process of cleaning off my cutting table and putting things away...I found four orphan "Delectable Mountain," blocks and remembered I had made some blocks with mini half square triangles left over from the big project.

Here they are...all reunited. I think I can make a cute little quilt with these parts. I even found the background fabrics in my scrap stash. Is it really possible I will make two new quilts without buying any new fabric? It could happen!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love all the batiks you use - the first photo is a very unique design I think I know I haven't seen it anywhere - hope you get sunshine soon

Donna quilts said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your Lotus quilt made with only two fabrics for the large jewel shapes. I think those little gems of color will really pop. I like the jaybird designs and have made a few, although not the Lotus.
Doesn't it feel good to make a whole quilt from your stash!

Sally said...

As usual, I am totally jealous of your quilting time! One of these days I might just retire from the library and spend my days working on the myriad of quilt projects I've set aside to do 'when I have time'...