Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Retreat Projects

I mentioned in a previous post I was tackling, "Row X Row," projects at retreat. This will help me limit my kit purchases this summer as I find there are a few designers I prefer. 

I got five kits mostly completed at retreat. 
The three top horizontal designs are Marie Noah's from the quilt shop Northern Threads in Fairbanks.  The side and bottom designs are from Diana Bradley and her quilt shop Quilt Zone in Anchorage. Diana always has a unique way for piecing. Both of her designs were rather challenging with paper piecing and creating templates to position on fabrics directionally for mountains and northern lights.

This weekend I worked on five more kits, all by the Alaska designer D.J. Robidou. Her designs are from Abby's Reflections in Sitka and Rushin' Tailor's in Skagway. 

I have kits from three more Alaska quilt artists I am going to focus on finishing.

Spring is a long time coming this year. We are still getting new snow on the mountains every now and then but the leaves on the trees are finally popping open. At the base of the mountains is Eagle River. We've had a bit of gloomy weather.

I don't know the name for this weather phenomenon but it happens every now and then. My hand is covering the sun so I could attempt a photo. There was a ring of light that was sometimes a rainbow, around the sun with two "suns" on the sides of the circle.

The bears are getting pretty active with several black bear sightings on our mountain. So far I haven't seen them in my yard. I really need to start taking a gun when we go for our walks...just one of those habits I need to get doing again.

A rare moment when Logan and McKinley stopped to listen to me.


Donna quilts said...

Those kits are beautiful. Will you put them all together to make one quilt?

Sally said...

Golly, those Alaskan rows are lovely....I have some of the ones from your state but not those. In particular, the vertical one with the lighthouse in the second picture is one I missed when it came out. Is it done with batiks? I have a ton of batiks I could use to recreate that one. Just need the pattern. Which shop had it, please.

Suz J said...

Gosh those kids are quite involved aren't they? Had to chuckle at the sewing machine being towed behind the campervan.

Kathy Schwartz said...

The halo around the sun is called 'Sun Dogs". We get them here when the atmosphere has ice crystals in it, usually on a very windy cool day. You can take pictures of them without blocking the sun...just look at your screen on your phone, not at the sun! Makes a great pictures!