Thursday, May 31, 2018

Outside Endeavors

It has been at least two years of work to get plants in the soil of my raised garden beds. My big obstacle this year was to get some kind of fencing in place to keep out the little critters like rabbits and porcupines.

I wanted to make "moveable" fence sections so I didn't loose the benefit of being able to work more easily around the raised beds. I used electrical pvc pipes to hold my fencing in place which makes it light enough in weight for me to lift up the sections as needed. So far my little creation is working.

In my perennial bed I had a guest too large to keep out fencing. 
A little hard to see but there is a set of large moose prints.

One hoof.

He didn't eat anything on his way through the garden bed.

Hubby just happened to catch a photo of this guy along a road near our home. 
He could have been my visitor.

My summer rock gym was delivered yesterday.
 My first load of rock for the summer, 12,000 pounds of boulders. 
Hoping to make a big dent in landscaping the front of my house.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that looks like one big moose! your raised beds look great - I have the dilemma too of fencing or not and how to work around it - you have come up with a good idea