Friday, March 8, 2019

Project Updates

Thank you all for the lovely thoughts you shared with me on the passing of my father. 

My father chose to be cremated and asked my sons to fly to a location of their choosing to spread his ashes in Alaska. My father always spent several weeks with us in the summer until last summer when he became too ill to travel. We will be celebrating his life this summer when all of us will be in Alaska together. As we say in Alaska, or actually in Hawaii, we will, "talk story," about GP. 

I'll be traveling soon to spend some time with my mom but I have a few days to organize projects in my studio. Busy work helps the mind sort through thoughts.

My recent Bucilla project is turning into a long term event. I am making a set of 50 Noah's Ark animal ornaments. There are twenty-five different animals, a male and female for each type. I am past the half way point. Ten more sets to make. I filled up a fat quarter with the first 15 sets.

Hubby and I spent 10 days in Palm Springs in February. I finished three more cross stitch Santa ornaments on that trip. We encountered cooler temperatures than normal and a couple of rainy days so I never quite got around to taking photos of our vacation locale. We will try visiting again next winter and give the city a second chance.

Below is the set, Victorian Santas: Saint Nicholas, Sinter Klaas and Father Christmas.

I toted this UFO, "Baby Hono," to the February quilt retreat but didn't touch it. The Material Girls set a challenge at the retreat to work on a UFO before our May retreat dates. I guess this is what I am going to tackle for the challenge. The turtle bodies are 3-D with a shell stitched on top. The body parts are not stitched down. I had the bodies created when I stopped working on the quilt so I officially finished 16 blocks this week.

Next up is to make 14 Monkey Wrench blocks.
 I am already thinking of making changes to the pattern...I tend to do that!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have made a lot of progress on all of your projects.

Sally said...

Oh, that Baby Hono project is lovely...I almost think I have the same pattern - somewhere - and that might be one of the project I can work on when I retire. Retirment date is a week from today March 16th...and I can not wait! Plenty of time to sew and knit and rev up my embroidery machine.