Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Into the Raging Water - I'm So Tired

It is Day Seven. For some reason we have the idea that we are behind in terms of how many miles down the river we need to be each day. So the overriding feeling is we need to make up time on day seven. I remember so little about this day except that it was endless. We had two, "seven" rapids to navigate and we made it through the big water only to get wrapped around a boulder at the tail end of Deubendorff Rapid. It was such a helpless feeling as the water just relentlessly pushed us against the downriver side of the boulder. Another rafting party entered the rapid and passed us while AK Santini and Zman strained on the oars to push us away and into the main current. It did eventually happen and we made it back with our group of rafts. 

There was one small hike in the afternoon to Deer Creek Falls.

Here's Zman hiking back to the rafts. There were two commercial rafts here also which meant sharing the space with about 30 other people. This day we skipped lunch and downed cliff bars for sustenance. It was a long day on the water and we all had sun burnt knees that night. 

Finding a campsite was always the most stressful time of the day for our family. The high water level meant many small camps were nonexistent and many times we would pass three or four camps that were occupied before we would find an open one that was decent. Many camps were at the top or bottom of rapids where it could be tricky to get the rafts out of the main current and to the shore. 

Finally we found a camp on a rock formation called "Ledges." The landscape was like sheets of flat rock stacked. Lots of open flat areas. An interesting place but like many days, it was almost dark by the time we got off the river so it was a rush to set up tents and get dinner going. No time to enjoy the scenery.

Our fearless leader called a council meeting. A bit of grumbling was made about the frantic pace. I, alone, voted to slow the pace. If I hadn't been so worn out I might have made a better argument because in reality we were ahead in terms of mileage. We had five days to go and only 74 miles left. Day Seven we had gone 30 miles! I had no working brain cells at that point to present facts to support my case.

A group trip means majority rules. I seriously wished I could get voted off the island but this was reality and not a reality show. It was a very bad night for me. I was so tired...tired of not having time to do much of anything but ride on a raft and camp chores. Tired of feeling filthy and no time to care for myself. Tired of being the peacemaker on the family raft. Tired of sleeping on a blowup pad on the ground in tent that felt like a sauna.

Let's face it...I was tired

A big hike was planned at Havasu Canyon for Day Eight. Maybe a night's sleep, slanted on the small sandy area we had pitched out tent, would make me feel better in the morning. 

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