Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still Missing Forrest

Just wanted to update the world on our search for our missing dog, Forrest. We are still searching. I've had one call from someone who thinks they saw him being walked on a popular trail in Anchorage. Since he's missing his right eye, he's pretty distinctive. Anchorage is about 25 miles from where we lost him but a shooting range and small airport were right where we lost him so lots of Anchorage residents access the area. We've been told repeatedly since Bernese Mountain Dogs are so popular and expensive, people often keep them. I don't understand that mentality but I guess some people can justify anything they do. 

We have a very active Bernese Mountain Dog Club that rescues berners. Sometimes they are dumped at Animal Control. Usually they are young but past the adorable puppy stage. Berners are high maintenance dogs. They have double coats of long hair that has to be brushed and washed with some regularity. They shed like crazy. They are "people" dogs...they cannot be left alone, outside and ignored. When they are ignored they shut down mentally. Like most purebreds, they have health issues and given their size, their medical bills are not small.

I'm thinking someone has taken him with the expectation of keeping him but given his medical history I would bet they figure out they have taken on more than they wanted may be a while but I'm hoping we get him back someday. Today would be best but we will keep hoping.

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