Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabric Therapy

I was so happy this morning.
 My day started with a call from my husband who is in Germany. I had lots of good things to tell him about the progress on the new house. Then I had a great class at Jazzercise. When I came home I decided to tackle the final stages of painting a bedroom and get it done. Despite my extensive stash of painting paraphernalia...I was missing the right roller and foam pad for trim. So I decided to hit the Home Depot and also try and deal with a lighting problem for the new house at the showroom near Home Depot. It was snowing as I headed out for my errands. I was behind a two-car accident. I don't think people were hurt but it delayed my trip. Then I didn't have any of the right stuff to resolve my lighting problem. At least I got exactly what I needed for the paint job. By the time I got home I was such a crab. I painted a little and then the sad faces of my dogs made me layer up and head out for the dog walk. Usually that snaps me out of the grumps...didn't work today...maybe because I knew as soon as the walk was over I would be snow blowing the driveway and shoveling the deck. Those chores was time to check the mail. I had a package!
 (I ordered fabric in my pajamas earlier this week.) 

Here's my package opener, Tonka. I guess he thought I ordered something for him...or maybe he really does like batiks too! I was gone all day yesterday and he is keeping track of me today.

The three green pieces are to renew my stash...I love these...they are from a Hoffman line by McKenna Ryan...I should buy them by the bolt. I hadn't seen her dark pink piece  before so I had to get some of that. They all look great with the main fabric I'll be using as a border for the BOM sampler I'm supposed to finish in five days. 

I'm feeling much better...smiling. Fabric therapy works great...better than chocolate. I'm going to go paint now so I can get closer to quilting time!


karenfae said...

fabric should perk up your mood!! they are beautiful pieces too. I bet you will be glad when winter is over. Is your new house close to where you are now?

Cathy said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous!!! Especially the one at the back, with all the other colours in it. If you finish painting, maybe you can go and play with your fabrics

Sand and Sunshine said...

The Country Store, I've ordered from them before! Glad fabric therapy brightened your day, it sounded like you need that little bundle of joy.