Thursday, February 23, 2012

Show And Tell...

It was Breakfast Club today! My camera had an's been doing that lately so I think it is time to start looking for a new toy. It died early in the show and tell period but I did get photos of three quilts...all made by Jane from our group...she had just gotten the quilts back from her quilter.

This is a very quick pattern, "Side Lights." There is a mysterious orb in the photo...maybe I should call TAPS...the Ghosthunters on SciFi.

This quilt was stunning. The larger blocks were from a series at the quilt shop called Saturday Sampler. Jane mixed in lots of star blocks of her own for the final layout. All batiks...that's probably why it was my favorite.

This is a Kim Brackett design from  her book "Scrap-Basket Sensation," Island Chain. This was last month's project so it's not quilted yet. 

Today we started a Carrie Nelson design, Oso. She has a very nifty technique for making the blocks. I think it will be a fairly quick project. I finished two blocks in the class.

Shopping is always a part of the gathering. Our group leader works at the quilt shop one day a week putting together kits for the shop. I almost always pass them up but lately she has been kitting up the latest batiks and I found myself unable to resist this gem.

These colors will look spectacular in our new house.

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