Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nifty HSTs

I'm starting a border made of HSTs. Carrie Nelson has a nifty method...reminds me of triangulations paper but instead you draw the lines on your fabric. I like it.

Align your two fabrics, right sides together...stitch down both sides of the center line.

Slice up the block.

Press...now I need to trim to the correct size. 

This is Carrie Nelson's book full of wonderful designs based on nifty tricks like this.

I really like this book!

Another trick of Carrie's is to clip seams to make them oppose when stitching blocks and rows together. I have never done this before but she has converted me...there were just too many points in this quilt to make pressing work for every situation  without clipping the seams sometimes.

And from the front you can see how nicely the points turn out with a little clipping.

Back to sewing border  blocks.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have made them this way too - it is actually one of the cheapest ways to do them -- so many new techniques and products - sometimes it seems we need to go back to the pencil and ruler! I always have to make my hst's a little big and square up I am not an accurate piecer sad to say.