Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Good "Busy"

It's been busy. We've been working on "finishing" the wood floors in the new house and keeping the current house ready for showing prospective buyers. Two showings this week. I have been sneaking in time to work on the borders of Batiki Argyle.

I went mirror shopping last week for the new house and somehow wound up at a quilt store. I think I stumbled upon a great fabric to use for the outermost border on the bottom of the photo. The light batik is the darker of my backgrounds in the quilt.

I also came home with a great mirror for the new house that was a fabulous price...I'll show that some day when I get it hung...maybe next week. I want to paint the bathroom a different color before I hang the mirror. Not even moved in and I'm changing wall colors!


Cathy said...

I love the border you used. It definitely continues the argyle sweater feel.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Nice border that you added and you're right about how quickly it came together. Nice match on the outermost border. Any tips for how you plan and process your borders?

marie said...

Love your border. I especially love the fabric you are going to use for the outermost border. Do you think you could tell me who makes it and the name?