Monday, May 21, 2012


There is so much to do lately but it is almost the last Thursday of the month when I meet with kindred spirits...Breakfast Club! I just don't think I should miss it. Selling houses and building houses can wait one day. This month we are doing a freebie internet pattern from Anthology Fabrics.

It's an interesting pattern that uses a set of 40,  2 1/2" strips and 40 layer cakes. I was very tempted to order new fabric (there are some really nice Tonga Treat batik strip and layer cake sets I really like but don't have) but I really have more than enough of these gems sitting in my sewing room already. So I pulled a set of Hoffman Bali Pops and noticed a set of layer cakes from Connecting Threads...looks like they will work very well together.

Of course in a couple of days I could completely change my mind....


Shari said...

What an interesting quilt. Love your fabrics - should look great!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Yep you're right these work. I was surprised when you said Connecting Threads but the match is spot on. Have a great time.