Sunday, May 27, 2012

Medieval Diversions

I've been catching up on needlework.

Meet "Canterbury Santa." He's one of three in a set of Medieval Santa ornaments. I enjoyed making this piece...lots of beading. 

Thought I'd share my Needlework Diary. Years ago, I bought one of those cheapie blank books from Michael's for a dollar. Wrote "Needlework," in my best crafty handwriting. 

Since I collect Santa ornament kits from Sandra Cozzolino, this helps me keep track of what kits I already own. I also have the satisfaction of marking them completed in my diary.

So far I have made...43 Sandra Cozzolino Santa ornaments. I have 63 more kits...WOW! I had no idea. I better get out the next kit and get started! 

Just to make me feel a little better I have also finished 58 other cross stitch kits...mostly ornaments. I also keep track of my completed Bucilla stockings and ornaments. I have made 31 Bucilla felt stockings and 32 Bucilla felt ornaments. I cannot divulge the number of those kits I have stashed...triple digits required. It's cheaper than collecting shoes or jewelry. And I do show some restraint...there's a series of kits from Mill Hill with holiday village buildings...adorable. I haven't bought one of those...not going to get started on that group.

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