Sunday, July 28, 2013

HandStitching Update

Sunday is a good day to see how the week's works have progressed. 

I started a second designed in 1991...22 years ago! It's called Jungle Bells. I like to mix working on older kits with brand new designs. I bought this kit on eBay so don't think I've had this in my stash for 22 years...maybe half that though.

This Snowman and Polar Bear kit, which is a 2013 design, is coming along nicely. I just noticed I have forgotten to add blush to the polar bear. 

Just a few lines of work on my cross stitch ornament.

I am grateful the local temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler today than last week's temps. It is going to heat up again in the coming week...just before I leave Paris. It is absolutely frustrating me to be missing fabulous weather in Alaska...great summers are a rarity in Alaska and there is no prettier place to be when they happen.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you will be heading back to cooler temperatures soon? you do not plan to stay much longer I take it. It is very nice here only 65 degrees this morning - feels so nice.

Gwen said...

I enjoy reading your adventures in France and Alaska, as well as about your quilting and stitching. I do keep looking for a link to Bloglovin' or an email signup spot.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and so very excited that you are a perforated paper Sandra Cozzolino Santa junkie to. I have stitched many many many many of her Santa's, well over a 100 of them. I love her Santa's and stitching perforated paper ornaments. I am also so totally addicted to Brookes Books angels, witches and fairies on perforated paper as well. Brooke is a wonderful designer on perf paper, check her website out. Brookes Books Publishing.
I am for sure going to bookmark your blog.
Kathy from Alberta