Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer SuperCub Excursion

Captain Bailey (my hubby) takes me on at least one SuperCub Excursion in Alaska during our summer months. This year we made it to McCarthy which is near Kennecott Copper Mine.

Here's my leg room on this plane's seating...there's a stick so I can fly...if I choose...NOT.

Is this out of my comfort zone? You bet!
Okay...back to our adventure. The weather was not cooperating for our flight into McCarthy. Instead of the quick route over the top of the mountains we had to fly through mountain passes due to a stubborn layer of clouds over the mountain tops. It makes for dull photos. This is one of many glaciers we saw in route...along with silt-filled rivers.

The weather improved a little once we were through the passes.

We could have driven to McCarthy but the last 60 miles are a state-maintained gravel road. The road ends at the Kennecott River where you can park your car and walk a half-mile to McCarthy. It would have taken over seven hours to drive the 314 miles from Anchorage. It took almost 4 hours in our just has one little prop so it's rather a slow trip.

En route we flew over the Chitna River where residents can dipnet for red salmon. They can also use fish wheels...that's what those man-made contraptions are on the river's edge. The wheels scoop up the fish!

Welcome to main street McCarthy. A saloon, Lodge restaurant and gift shop on one side of the street. (Gloomy weather...a little bit of rain.)

Across the street, our hotel, Ma Johnson's. Bunkhouse style rooms. Tiny rooms with a bed, bathrooms down the hall with toilets and a shower. They did provide robes for those quick runs to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

We had a great meal our first night at the Lodge Restaurant. Why did the town of McCarthy grow? Liquor and prostitution were not allowed at the Kennecott Mine where the workers were housed...enough said.

The next day we had a latte and breakfast muffin from the Potatohead. Check out the door handle.

Inside...some activities while you wait for your order.

We were then ready to catch a shuttle to the mine. Kennecott mine was in operation from 1911 until 1938, when it shut down...with just a few hours of warning to the locals. They were forced to leave most of their possessions behind to catch the last train out.  Many years later, visitors to the area found homes completely furnished to include place settings still set on the dining room tables. 

The adventure continues tomorrow...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL when you said you were going to stay at a remote lodge this is not what I was thinking! many people staying at the hotel - I'm thinking of the sharing of the bathrooms! Overall though this looks like a cute place to visit! I love that snake shape river.
So how does this kind of thing compare to your places in France that you have visited?

Donna quilts said...

What fun! The potato head characters with their star wars gear were too funny! Imagine living there at that time with such limited resources around you.