Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Little Paris Sewing Room

I'm sew lucky! 
When it's hot and crowded with tourists in Paris...
I have my own retreat...
My little Paris sewing room.

And the opposite view... my link to the desk with my Mac notebook.

I even have a closet to store my goodies just across from my sewing room's door.

Most of our apartment faces the street which is rather noisy when we have all the windows open but my sewing room overlooks the inner courtyard of four buildings...the courtyard is very small and where all the garbage cans are stored...but it is much more quiet on this side of the apartment. (Our apartment is on the fourth floor)

Our apartment is completely furnished...I brought my office chair, a portable table and my sewing machine...all the other furniture came with our include all the linens. I did buy three big lights for my sewing room...haven't needed them this summer!

I often have an audible book playing while I work. I just started one that is nonfiction about Henry the VIII and his six wives. I've read so many fiction works about that period I decided to get a factual look listen. 

My husband is in Alaska...our timing isn't always in sync! No matter...I'm a seasoned pilot's wife who is used to making my own fun. I'm catching up on making my Bucilla stocking videos. I posted one on You Tube yesterday about completing a stocking with lining and backing. 

I've been working on my latest stocking...

And I've started working on an Alaska Shop Hop quilt from my pile of UFOs I brought to Paris. I'm top stitching the fusible appliqués with batting on the backside. I'm missing a few colors of thread. I ordered many colors from Connecting Threads a few years ago...looks like I need to order a few more.

Here's the backside...I plan to trim the batting from the outermost stitching...I hope that creates a trapunto type effect in the finished quilt. I also find it very difficult to outline such small areas with my long arm. It might be several more years before my experiment is complete!

I'm missing Breakfast Club back in Alaska but I will be there for August and September.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what an interesting life you lead! Hopping back and forth between two such different places.
Too bad the courtyard has garbage cans in it and isn't a place for sitting and relaxing.

kellsgal said...

Missed you today. It was sew much fun as always.Hope I get to see you next time.

LynCC said...

Gosh, I would love to have a sewing room in Paris. ;D It's so fun to see you report about your experiment with your Alaska blocks - my daughter just finished doing the exact same thing with her dragon blocks. She got it all trimmed, the blocks assembled into a top, and even pin-basted it all into a quilting sandwich. Now to see how much of the quilting she can accomplish before she moves back to college for Fall term. . .