Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh My Stars

We are having an unusually long and warm fall. The snow is way too high on the mountains for this time of year...in fact there are usually several inches of snow where you can still see green grass in this photo...but I'm really not complaining. We had a huge wind storm yesterday so any leaves that were remaining are gone. I went for a nice little walk...no critter encounters. 

Maybe I can get another quilt or two done in the 10 days I have left here. I have been trying to work out a quilting design...

Trying out ideas on Plexiglas on top of the actual quilt really helps. As I worked back and forth between the Plexiglas and a photo of the quilt top I noticed a bigger star pattern...love when those little surprises happen.

Last week I came up with a design for the big white areas...I'm almost ready to load it on the quilt frame.

Yesterday I finished quilting "Henrietta Whiskers." It was a free BOM from Anne Sutton in 2011 so I'm not too badly behind on getting it quilted in 2013. I'm working on the binding and embellishments.

It's definitely not a quilt pattern I would have ever bought but I really enjoyed making it...the wool appliques just pop...I'm always running my hands over them. Kind of makes me want to do some more wool applique.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we are having an ok fall here - leaves still on the trees :) rain this week though I bet some of them will get knocked off but not all of them - another month or so to go on that.
Good luck on getting the quilting done before you take off!

Donna quilts said...

We are having a beautiful fall here as well. I hope you'll show us a photo of Henrietta's whiskers once it's completed. I also have the free BOM pattern, but have yet to make it. It does look cute!