Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quilt Mania

This is such a fun pattern, "Sidelights." Great for a focus fabric.  I think I might call my quilt, "Hockey Mom." I know...a completely strange name! I bought the focus fabric while traveling with my son to a hockey tournament in Colorado Springs...many...many...many years ago. I jumped at the chance to put my sons on traveling hockey teams because I went on every trip too...just for the opportunity to visit quilt shops around the country. 

I'm rather addicted to "J" hook feathers...this time I added some circles on the spine.

And the quilting continues! 

"Tropical Waters," is off the frame. This quilt is a variation of a free pattern called "Ripples," on the Anthology Fabrics website. Mine is without borders and I made sure to rotate the blocks of strips so a horizontal block laid next to a vertical block."Ripples," had a more random layout. Like many quilters....I have control issues when it comes to random layouts.

I had the sweetest piece of batik for the binding...a striped-tie-dyed piece...I'm pretty sure I bought it on a hockey trip too. It is nicely aged fabric.

And...I've got another small quilt loaded on frame.

Frustratingly, I need to dedicate my day tomorrow to dealing with paperwork for renewal of my French visa. My husband was allowed a three-year visa but not trouble-maker-Debbie! I will have to renew every year. Pictures...fingerprints...sign here...sign there. I hate bureaucracy in any country.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what a great idea you had to involve your sons in a travel team - you couldn't let them travel by themselves :) so nice to be able to do that.
Do you have to do your visa yearly because you are not the one working in the country? strange rules - but then I have nothing good to say about any government right now!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I totally forgot to add that I love the fabric you used in that quilt :)

LynCC said...

Ooo!! I just love "Tropical Waters" - great binding, for sure. Had to chuckle - yes, I love scrappy, but I always end up doing what I call Controlled Scrappy. I've not yet succeeded at letting go completely and just picking up whichever comes next without a little organizing. Maybe one day I'll rebel against myself and go Full Monty with the random factor. . .

Caroline Ingalls said...

Ha,ha I had the same with my driving licence in Viginia my husband got 3 years I had to go to the DMV each year Why ME??????