Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Henrietta Whiskers

She is done!

As I mentioned before, this wool applique technique was a first for me. Love it combined with the batiks. I had bought a few wool kits over the years and a bundle of wool scraps now and then which is where I got most of the wool for this quilt. All the batiks were in my stash.

I found a cute, "Home Sweet Home," button for the door of the "nut" house.

I tried to outline all the wool applique pieces...can't walk by this quilt without touching it....those wool appliques just pop.

My Thanks to Anne Sutton for making this BOM free on her blog in 2011. It was a project way out of my usual look...except I did do it with batiks. I hope to make her Snowbound pattern with wool appliques and batiks also. Another project to take to Paris!


Kabrina Dawn said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I envy your skill with quilting. Out of all the quilts I've see you post this is my favorite. Sewing machines intimidate me, I enjoy sewing by hand but a quilt would take forever that way. You got me hooked on Bucilla felt kits though, thank you so much for sharing yours.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

to Kabrina in the comment before mine - making a quilt by hand doesn't take forever - I do it all the time :) start small

love the batiks that you use in this quilt I have never used wool and wonder if I would like it - might have to give it a try one day :)

Cathy said...

You did Henrietta proud in the way you quilted her world. I hope you do the Snowbound one. I'd love to see pictures of the progress on that one. It would be gorgeous in wools.

LynCC said...

This is fabulous all finished up in the wools & batiks. LOVE :)

Carla Eldridge said...

Here in Juneau we have Changing Tides and the owner has stocked the store to the gills with wool for quilting. Your quilt makes me want to give it a try :D

Kabrina Dawn said...

Karen, I've spent the past weekend researching quilts by hand only and I think I will be trying this very soon. It's not as terrifying as I thought! Thanks for your comment that got me started.