Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jaunt to Germany

We arrived in Mainz, Germany, yesterday via six hours of train transportation...most of it actual train time and very little connection time for the one transfer we made in Cologne, Germany. We are staying at Mainz City Hilton which is a hotel my husband has been laying over at for airline trips for twenty years! I think they know him here. This is my third trip. I enjoy this little part of the world. The hotel is a block from a nice shopping area surrounding Mainz Cathedral. There are small, boutique shops and large department stores and we are just a few blocks from the Rhein River. 

For a little afternoon pick-me-up we stopped for a beverage. I ordered a cafe au lait, a bit like a weak latte, and hubby got a splash of vodka. I had to take a photo because my coffee drink was definitely "biggie" required two handles!

After meeting with a few Fed Ex pilots laying over at the hotel we went to our favorite restaurant, the Heiliggeist, or Holy Ghost. The former church has been converted into a lovely restaurant with authentic "cathedral" ceilings!

I think we could just order appetizers and soups the next time we come for I find these items the most interesting on their menu. This restaurant offers their menu in English which is a nice treat since I don't know much German.

Our first course, an avocado and goat cheese appetizer with olive and lemon oil vinaigrette. You scoop the avocado concoction on to the endive leaves. Yummy!

Then we had a soup. Tomato-essence with basil and parmesan crullers. I love the way they present the soups at this restaurant. The soup bowl is brought out with a few items on bowl had some chopped tomato and basil with the parmesan "dumplings." Then they pour the soup-base on top. In this case it was a clear broth. This unassuming bowl of soup was so flavorful!

Hubby had marinated beef with potato dumplings and brussel sprouts.

I had the pork filet rolled in bacon with morels, fried tomatoes and tagliatelle (pasta) with wild herbs. Their entrees are generously portioned. When I announced I was done eating my husband inquired if I didn't like the pasta...I said I loved it and ate half of it but there was still a huge portion left so he was confused!

There was a little excitement last night at the Paris airport for Fed Ex so hubby is going back to Paris today. I'm staying in Mainz and waiting for him to rejoin me tomorrow. I will have no trouble entertaining myself with some shopping later today. I'm very comfortable getting around town, especially since most folks speak wonderful English. It's a friendly little community.


Bonnie Melielo said...

Woot! Woot! Pictures of food!! Love it but it makes me homesick for Europe, Italy in particular of course. How wonderful that you are getting to revisit places and feel comfortable and familiar in them!!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the photos of the food - yes that pasta serving is huge or is that the half that you didn't eat LOL.
It would be so entertaining to wander around shops in another country where as I never feel like shopping here anymore - same old stuff!
and you are off to a lovely start of your winter in Europe aren't you.