Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Best Black Friday

I had a great day yesterday...I met one of my French blog readers, Christelle. She has lived in the US and speaks wonderful English. My head is reeling with all that we talked about and I need to make of list of all the things I want to ask her because we definitely have to get together again.

We met for coffee at the Louvre Starbucks...I know...that sounds like a funny combination...American coffee joint at a world-famous museum. At least there isn't a McDonald's there. But there are some great shops underneath the Louvre, to include an Apple Store and Swatch shop, so I got my first Christmas present purchase out of the way. No huge shopping crowds on Nov. 29th in Paris...what a relief! We then made a trek to a Bernina shop so I could find out about getting a European power cord for my machine. I had been putting off that chore because I had no idea how to communicate all that on my French! My Alaska Bernina techie is insistent that I get this cord instead of just relying on the after-market power adapter. But after taking a picture of the cord at the Paris store and looking again at my machine I can see it's not going to work anyway. I will save myself a big chunk of change as the power cord is pricey...more money for fabric.

I'll share more about my visit with Christelle in the coming days. I want to share quilting news. I've been busy...not eating Thanksgiving leftovers (darn...I miss those!) or shopping...but sewing. One of my goals this year is to make quilts that I have designed instead of working on the designs of others. My husband is back in Alaska for a few days so I can devote a lot of hours to quilting.

Somewhere along the least two years ago...I was inspired by some batik fabric with humpback whales to tackle a Storm at Sea quilt. I'm using templates from Marti Michell. They are so tedious to use when cutting everything out but they sure sew up nicely. All my units look so perfect.

I have been keeping company with a couple of great audible books...I should share some of those too..but I'm going to get back to sewing.


Christelle said...

Oh I'm so sorry that the cord is not going to work...I guess I have to find you a Featherweight ... Put it on your list we have to talk about next time ;)
Enjoy your WE...I'm cutting blue triangles...

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am so glad that you met one of your French readers that speaks English also!! I have actually been so hoping that you would meet someone there that quilted so you could start to have some sort of friendships - it must be very lonely not speaking the language really well and your husband working and sometimes not home for several days at a time. I have some Marti Michell templates and must admit that I have never used them - they were given to me - two big packages! I really must get them out and see what I can make with them.

Cocopatch said...

Christelle is a good friend for quilting! have a nice week!

kellsgal said...

Debbie, So happy you have a quilting friend in Paris. I love your Storm at Sea version. Storm at Sea is on my quilts to make list too. Miss ya lots.